Unlock growth potential by entrusting us with the management of all your IT operations. In this ever-changing world of cloud technologies, DoIt can be your trusted partner. Let us do what we are good at so you can focus on growing the business.
IT Infrastructure Implementation and Support

At DoIt, we provide both traditional and cloud infrastructure implementation and support, from facilities, data centers, servers, networking hardware desktop computers, and enterprise application software solutions to cloud computing IT infrastructure.

We implement reliable, flexible, and secure IT infrastructure that can help an organization meet its goals and can become a factor for business profitability.

With a proper IT infrastructure, your company can:

  • Provide a smooth customer experience by ensuring uninterrupted access to its website, application, or online store
  • Rapidly develop and launch solutions
  • Collect customer data in real-time to improve the product or service
  • Improve the productivity of the engineering team
Server and Network

The biggest nightmare for an enterprise is when servers that house critical data and applications go down. The entire organization can lose thousands of dollars annually because of server downtime.

DoIt provides comprehensive server and network management services that keep your servers and network up and running. We ensure optimal performance, efficiency, safety, reliability, and scalability.

Move to a managed service and hand your day-to-day activities to experienced IT professionals. This will free up time for your engineering team and keep them happy and motivated.

We offer:

  • Proactive maintenance
  • System monitoring with real-time alerting
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Detailed system health reports
  • Security compliance management
Backup Solutions

Data backup and protection on a large scale of different devices, operating systems, and locations can be challenging. DoIt provides innovative approaches that meet the end users needs and delivers solutions that capture a backup of an enterprise workload and write the data out to a secondary storage device to recover this data in case of loss.

DevOps and CloudOps

With DevOps administration, we automate and optimize your application development lifecycle, including post-launch fixes and changes. Our DevOps administration implies continuous development, integration, testing, and deployment of your applications.

With CloudOps, we optimize the delivery of IT services and workloads that run in the public cloud. On our end, it implies capacity planning and asset management so that you can increase or reduce capacity when needed without spending extra resources on cloud-based hardware, memory, or storage.

Cloud Computing

We deliver computing services - including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the cloud to help you make innovation faster and scale as your business scales.

You only pay for cloud services you use. This is a massive perk in terms of cutting operational costs.

Cloud Migrations (from on-premise servers to cloud)

We are here for you if you want to move data, product applications, and other business management documents from on-premise servers to a cloud computing environment.

We offer cloud migration services to move your data and applications to a more secure and efficient environment than your on-premise servers. Some other reasons you might want us to perform cloud migration for you can be cutting costs on hardware maintenance or freeing up server space. Whatever the reason, we will help you effectively fulfill your business needs.

Database Administration

We understand that the day-to-day maintenance of databases can be complex and time-consuming. We at DoIt will take care of your databases maintenance and optimization, improving your businesss cost and work efficiencies.

Our experienced database administrators will help you reduce IT costs, improve security, boost agility and optimize the performance and availability of your database infrastructure.


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